Sunday, 21 April 2013

Entertainment in Utopia City

Two Under Domes have been secured and are used for “Entertainment” purposes. Moixxie’s Underdome is used gladiatorial style combats where a team is put against all manner of scum from the prisons and mutant beasts. The surviving team wins cash prizes. 

The second secured underdome is known as the Mutant Bash Arena. Hunters travel the wastes capturing Mutant Ghouls & beasts and the contestant has to fight his way through and survive. Amazing prizes can be won.

Mars Arena is in a old city ruins that has been walled off to make a large arena. Here several teams of life prisoners battle it out across a booby trap filled ruined cityscape. The winning team (what is left of it) is granted freedom. The Mars Arena also holds the Running Man tournaments in which a prisoner is hunted and has to escape/survive. 

These shows are amazingly popular with the blood thirsty population of Utopia. 

Auto combat & racing is also popular with a couple of Wasteland tracks providing spills and thrills of vehicles going head to head. In addition to this there is the Death Race. Death Race started as a illegal race around the city with drivers scoring points for kills and style. The Mags soon put a stop to it. However it was reinvented in a prison complex outside the city. Condemned prisoners race in a series of races with the winner gaining his freedom. The track is booby trapped and the cars are armed. It is rare if anyone racing survives the tournaments.

The Death Race was popular and Utopia City has seen it return in a illegal format known as Carmageddon. The only safe place when these races start is inside. Mags and Enforcers move into stop such races. 

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