Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bio Booster Armour Mk1 & Service Droid

While experimenting on various forms of Power Armour, the Hypero Corporation developed a form of organic armour they dubbed Bio Booster Armour. Unlike regular Power Armour the Booster links directly with its pilot, or host, bonding with him or her. During field tests it was found that after a matter of weeks the pilot was absorbed by the suit. Hypero undeterred, went forward and continued trials ultimately killing 25 pilots. Before pilot 26 could be installed, the suit some how escaped (or was stolen) into the undercity levels of Utopia City. All attempts to capture the suit have failed. Some speculate that the suit has fled into the wastelands. 

Mini is a repainted EM4 Alien. 

I feel a mention of The Mighty Flip from the Post Apoc Wargames Froum and flipsminiatures is worthy here, as I have nicked his idea and background fluff for the Bio Booster suit. I just changed some names ...Thanks Man. The Rad Beers are on me!   

In Utopia City most of the menial work is done by robots & service droids. In many blocks old droids such as this one can be found carrying out repairs and cleaning. 

The mini is by Heresy Miniatures. 

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