Sunday, 19 May 2013

Meet the Mags of Utopia City.

My older setting was set 40 to 50 years after the nukes rained down on MBW. As I have added a 2000AD style High Tech Mega City. I have wound on the world to +100 PA. 

First up - Utopia City Magistrates. 

The Magistrates or Mags as they are known are the feared elite of the cities Law enforcement. They wear improved body armour and carry better weapons to the Enforcers. With 15 years of training the Mags are authorised to carry out on the spot justice . They are judge, jury and executioner. They will often arrive at riots and block wars and wade in. 

The Mags act as the cities primary defence force and provide defence from Wasteland gangs and some upitty newly formed wasteland states. Occasionally the Mags will go out into the Wastelands to deal with raiders or criminals. Becoming a Mag is a massive responsibility. Once a Mag always a Mag. If they survive they can rise up the ranks and end up a judge or counsellor. However all Mags face retirement one day – those that do have to wander into the wastelands or undercity to bring the law to the lawless. They never return. 

Mags are drawn from the cities Orphan population and trained from a early age. It takes 15 Years to train a Meg. Very rarely an exceptional Enforcer will be asked to join the Mags, assuming he or she can pass the training. 

Mags have high tech pistols that provide a variety of fire modes and ammunition. They are also coded to the users DNA so they cannot be used by unauthorised persons. This gives the Mags a fearsome amount of firepower.  Mags are also equipped with Day Sticks, Stun & Gas Grenades and a Respirator mask. 

There are also specialist Mags to deal with Riots which are a regular occurrence in the city.

The Mag on the left is equipped with Riot Foam. The Riot Foam sprayer coats rioters in a foam which sets solid until they can be removed, arrested and Judged. It is a quick way to get control of dangerous situation. 

The Justice Dept has other specialist Mags too. 

Left to Right - PSI, Tech and Med

PSI Mags provide much needed PSI support and have saved many Mags lives. The mutation is not clearly understood. Each PSI Mag has their own special gifts. 

Tech Mags deal with the robots and computers and Med Mags rush about trying to keep folks alive (at least long enough for sentence to be passed). 

Minis are from Mongoose Minis. 

As rioting can get bad the Mags have adapted an old Warbot for Riot Policing. Meet the Riotbot. 

The Riot Bot is equipped with a shield, Day stick and heavy Riot Foam sprayer. The mere presence of this machine usually calms a situation. 

This was a old Androids toy - repainted. I am thinking it will need a base on it.

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