Sunday, 19 May 2013

Utopia City Enforcer and Crazy

The main body of low end Law Enforcement in the City is provided by the Enforcers (known as Grunts by the Mags).  Every Enforcer House has that one Enforcer who can give a Mag a run for his money. 

Figure by EM4. Future Cop Hero. 

This Mag Hero is toting a LMG which is often handy for suppressing the gangs when Block Wars occur.  

Some times life in Utopia City is too much and people just snap. They get what is known as Utopia Shock Syndrome  (USS) and are known as Crazies. Crazies are demented and go on homicidal killing sprees imagining all manner of deluded fantasies. 

This poor lady snapped doing the house work one day....

Figure is a Mongoose Judge Dredd Futsie. 

I like this mini - she has lots of character. Measuring spoons, toilet brush and a feather duster. Good fun to paint. This is my first attempt at using florescent paints on a miniature. 

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