Thursday, 23 May 2013

Utopia City Non Coms

When you have a mega city....what do you need? Non Combatants! Those ordinary folks who report crimes, get in the way and usually end up dead or injured. 

The mini on the left is a converted EM4 Samurai Lady miniature with the sword & scabbard removed. A hand bag was crafted from putty. I am not too happy with it. The figure on the Right came from Heresy Miniatures and is unconverted. 

May be Mrs Natagi is on her way home from the office (the 10 hour working week is a bind in Utopia City) or perhaps she has dinner? The other lady could be out for a night out, a street punk...or a street worker (that is one job Robots haven't managed to fully take over!). 

There will be more non comms following. 

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