Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mantic Marauder/Orx Raptor Kit finished.

I finally got that Mantic Raptor Rig finished for my Trogs/Orks. I still need to paint the gunner. The plan is to base him and keep him loose. Then I can use the trike for other wasteland gangs. As you can see this rig is being manned by a EM4 Scavenger. 

I chose an matt black scabby/rusty paint scheme for the Raptor Trike. This is to be the colour scheme for my new Trogs/Ork/Orx Tribe. Something that reflects little old me....matt black and rust obsessed. lol. 

Again I left the mudguards/fenders off. I have a old Rat Rod obsession and I love naked wheels on vehicles. 

I like these vehicles as the weapon is removable so it can be used as a "civilian" vehicle or racer as well. I can see a bunch of these racing across the wastes in the colours of their tribes....I think I am talking myself into a version of Gorkamorka here!! lol. 

I am tempted to get more to customise....

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