Sunday, 7 July 2013

Map of Mattblackgod's world.....

I have been getting my geek on and decided that a map of the legendary abandoned world left to die would be handy - rather than walking about with it inside my head. 

So here is mattblackgod's world as mapped by Utopia City drones....

As you can see there is plenty of places for me to add new ideas too (or pinch from wherever  lol) You can see the mega city on the bottom of the continent Rosstraila. Recent seismic disturbances (probalby caused by the second orbital nuke bombardment) have lowered sea levels while pushing up the sea floor in a few places. 

Britannia Island is now linked to Eru and the main continent. These two land bridges are dangerous as they are only passible for a couple of hours a day. This can lead to travellers becoming stranded on the small islands for a day or being drown. Or eaten by the nasty mutant beasts that live in the seas. 

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  1. This looks great! After reading about MBG's World for several years, it's really cool to see it all mapped out.