Sunday, 21 July 2013

Utopia City Enforcers.

The Enforcers are the police of Utopia city. Unlike the Mags the Enforcers are drawn from the ranks of the city and is one of the few paying jobs available in the city. They get two years training and then go out on the street with a years probation as a Rookie. 

Enforcers are well armed and trained, they try to keep order. When arrests are made they are shipped to the halls of justice and sentence is passed by a Magistrate (usually an older or injured Mag unable to take to the streets).

Often the Enforcers deal with the mundane policing duties such as traffic, parking, routine patrols, clean ups or security. Enforcers will often support any Mags in the area. Sometimes a Mag will lead a group of Enforcers. 

The city is a dangerous place and they go heavily armed. 

Enforcers are not made of the stuff that the Mag's are made from. Many are weak and a few corrupt. 

The figures are a mixture of EM4 & Copplestone cops. 

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