Sunday, 7 July 2013

Trogs (Orks) Vehicles

I have been in love with Space Orks since I first played 40K Rouge Trader back in the late 80's. In my setting they operate as Trogz which are a group of genetically engineered warriors that escaped and now thrive on Matt Black God's world. It is also an exuse to re-use my old Orks from that era. :-) 

Recently I have been inspired to get some vehicles together for my Trogz forces. The plan is simple. Add one or two fast attack vehicles per tribe and a transporter or two for the boyz. Then maybe some hard hitting fighting vehicles at a later date (my collection of Post Apoc models will supply a few of these). So far I have managed to add some fast attack vehicles and a transport. Who know's maybe one day they may pose a threat to Utopia City?? 

So lets get into starting positions....

First up is the Blue Skulls Tribe that are based in Pictsieland...

Both are older GW 40K Orks vehicles from Gorkamorka. The War Trak has been around for a while but the Truk was found in the bits from ebay pile awaiting work. The Boys will need another transport for the whole mob. 

Next up - The Blood Axes Tribe. The Blood Axes are mercenaries and are inspired by human military fashions. They do work out in the wastes for both Utopia and Liberty Cities. 

The Vehicle is a Buggy from Ramshackle Games Nuclear Renaissance line. The look of these post apocalyptic models is great and suits the Trog/Ork mentality. Again its one I have had a few years. I have added some old plastic Ork Bolt guns to it ala the old Dark Future Renegade Cars. You cant see it in this picture but I lost the exhaust at some point so I added a new one from bits at the back.  There is also a jerry can from a 1/35 tank kit fitted to the rear mudgaurd. This buggy is painted in the usual camo style the Blood Axes like.

And finally (for this update) there is the Red Suns Tribe who operate in the Eastern Wastes. They have a shiney new (?) (Red!!) buggy. Again this is a old 40K GW plastic buggy. 

The red sun on the front armour is hand painted. I think it turned out well for a first attempt. 

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