Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mantic Marauder/Orx Raptor Kit review.

With a view to adding some fast attack options to my Trogs, which are a mix of GW Space Ork figures from the late 80's onwards which I use as genetically engineered warriors I looked at the Mantic Raptor (I also have some Marauders/Orx to mix and match with the figures but more on those some time in the future). 

In case you don't know the Raptor is a armoured Trike the Orx use as a fast attack option in Warpath. I chose this as it was different and cheap compared to the GW options (sorry GW your pricing policy is losing you custom!!). 

This is what you get in the kit....

It is cast from the same plastic resin as the figures and has a high amount of detail. My kit had no dips, holes or air bubbles to fill unlike some of the resin & plastic kits I have had before. There was vert little flash to clean off. 

The kit is easy to assemble which was fun unlike some Wargames model manufacturers who seem to be adding levels of difficulty to their kits only seen by military modellers. The whole assembly only took a few minutes. 

The only gripe I have is that one of the front forks/legs did not fit nicely making the front wheel twist. This was fixed with a little filling with Green Stuff putty. Not a big pain and its not like I have had to do a lot more of it with other kits such as GW Landraiders/Chimera. 

Here it is assembled (please forgive the paint, it is still WIP) .... 

I left the mudguards off as I have a thing for naked wheels. I must have been a hot-rodder in a former life! lol The gunner has not been attached yet. I intend to keep him loose so I can use the Raptor trike as  a vehicle for my Wastelanders too. 

You can see the Raptor sizes up nicely with the old 40K Rogue Trader Era Orks. The rocket launcher is removable so if I got another I can fit other weapons such as machine guns. Pictures of the finished vehicle when the paint is finished. 

In summary the Raptor is a nicely cast, detailed kit. Easy to assemble with only minimum fuss and it sizes well with older GW figures. I look forward to buying the larger carriers and four wheeled Marauder vehicles in the future. 

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