Sunday, 27 October 2013

More Sci-Fi Trash builds

A few more items from my Trash building madness. These are intended for a mix of settings. A mix of Post Apocalyptic & Sci Fi frontier world and my Sci Fi City - Utopia City. 

First up a frontier building...

This started life as a cardboard packing piece. The door was added from cereal packet card. The windows are insert bases with corrugated card added. The light was a eye from a toy robot. The door panel is a resin piece from Anvil Industries. 

The roof vent is a bottle cap. I like this piece as there is a large ring section. This will be handy for adding a comms array (currently in build) or  a weapons platform. A bit of graffiti was inspired by the Josiah Trenchard series of sci fi novels I have been reading - although Ol Trench would probably wouldn't go for graffiti but who knows what happens when he has been on the black rum?! 

The side - the ladder is wire mesh and the pipe is a drinking straw. 

The other side - Same again! 

The Rear - The pipe here was a cheap felt tip pen. The control panel was copied from a toy using instamould and putty pressed into it. Get some instamould if you love converting or building, it is cheap, remouldable and great for odd little details. 

Another Sci Fi wall - although this one is intended for my Sci Fi city terrain. Many moons ago I worked in a firm that would send out kits in tool cases. Many of the internals was thrown out. In a bit of forward thinking I salvaged one of them. I stumbled across it during a recent turf out....

I stuck this onto a couple of old gift cards. Add paint and some posters printed off my computer. Hey Presto! 

The other side - the wanted poster was knocked up on my computer. I need to do more of these. 

Okay - this next trash build started life a long time ago. I have just re-lifed it by fixing up the base to match my current stuff. 

This started out as a couple of punched bits of metal that fell out of a scrap skip at a place I worked at. I needed barricades for Combat Zone - as getting caught in the open in this game is lethal. I putted them to a scrap of plastic and puttied the plates together. A quick wash sorted the model out. 

Every frontier settlement needs a power plant....or every wasteland needs some place that glows in the dark a fearful marker of the power ancients. 

This started life a chocolate egg box. I think I may have missed some wear on the radiation symbols. I need to fix that. 

The total cost of these builds.....about £3.50 for glue, paint and the odd part. Table top gaming needn't be expensive. All it needs is imagination. You will spend the same amount of time on making them as kits and it is far more rewarding. 


  1. Excellent job Dude. I had some packing very similar to that first pic only. I dropped it in the dogs water bowl and it never quite dried right. I shall have to keep my eyes peeled yours looks excellent.

  2. This is very cool! I would like to have one for the home club of Ratas.