Sunday, 27 October 2013

Old Mick, Hammer, Anvil and the Skelebots of doom!!

Time for some minis that have (finally)  rolled off the paint table....

The first up is a character for Utopia City. Introducing Old Mick. This figure could be a store keeper, someone's dad or a Private Investigator. 

The figure is by East Riding Miniatures - a Corporate Enforcer. 

I am creating a world of dangers for the folks who dare to leave the walls of their settlements to wander the wastes. One thing is some killer robots. What fits the Post Apoc genre better than some Terminator style Skelebots?? My idea is for some one to wander into a ruin and straight into these things laying dormant. Will they wake up? Will the kill ever human that they come across?? 

The Skelebots are old Grenadier sculpts supplied by EM4 miniatures. The skulls on the bases are resin items from Ristul's Market. 

I had a disaster when painting these guys. The figure on the far left legs snapped off. Bum! What to do?? I effected a repair with superglue and putty. I don't know how well it will hold. Only time will tell. The figure was leaning and kept toppling over. So I put a pile of washers on one side as ballast (you cant see it in the pictures). This was disguised with some putty to look like a cylinder with a rag over it. 

Feeling like anarchy is ruling the wastelands? Feel like no where is ever safe? Then you need some Law Bringers!! Introducing Hammer and Anvil! 

Hammer (Right) and Anvil (Left) are from EM4's Space Lords - Anvil is a Cybertech Bunkerbreaker and Hammer is a Yoyodyne Shigaru. 

Hammer and Anvil wander the wastes looking for places where the law is ignored and then help the locals enforce it. Hammer usually starts the trouble and then Avnil arrives to help. Anvils armour and heavy assault rifle often makes the job easy. 

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