Sunday 6 October 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #11 - My Hang Outs

This weeks Sprue Cutters discussion is all about our Modelling Hangouts. It has been interesting to read where other Modellers and Wargamers go to hang out. Its mainly clubs or online. 

So what about me?? 

Outside the hobby I normally hand around Rock/Metal/Biker pubs or meet friends in cafes/restaurants.

I have not (yet) done the social thing of going to Wargames shows or modelling clubs. 

Sadly the one or two wargames clubs I have attended there was little interest in my brand of war-games or models. In fact it was purely focused on GW and Warmachine. I remember some 40K fanboy berating another played because his Imperial Guard figures where customised (eagles removed, berets and LAW missile launchers added) and not a proper 40K IG army. He forced the guy to play as a planetary defence force or a chaos force. This guy was foaming at the mouth about it. Luckily for the fan boy the squaddie was there to enjoy himself and was chilled out about it. 

The incident left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I played 40K a couple of times but the lack of interest in my stuff from the other members lead me to build terrain for the club. I stopped going and I never really bothered with a club after that. Maybe a bad experience tainted it for me? 

Going into the local GW shop was also a no no. My interest in GW games stopped at 40K Rogue Trader, Necromundia and Dark Future. I had no real desire to try the current version of 40K or Fantasy Battle. I am looking for bods interested in romping around post apocalyptic wastelands. On top of that the other gamers in the store where noisy early mid teen boys. I wondered how long it would be until I wanted to strangle one of them? 

Work left me too busy to really get involved socially with the hobby. Long commute and long hours/shifts left my social life somewhat unpredictable and chaotic. I mainly game solo using adapted rules to enable solo play or with gaming with visiting friends. My good Lady Laura is showing some interest in my games and we get the occasional game in. Talking to my other friends about the hobby leaves looking at me like I am insane. There is little interest in playing a game from many of them. Football (Soccer) seems to be the main topic of interest in this city. 

Recently a model making club has started. Its a little out of my way but my Dad is a member. Sadly my work keeps getting in the way of finding time to go. They are looking for more Sci-Fi modellers so I may join when I get more free time. 

One new development in Liverpool is the Scythe and Teacup gamer cafe. I have not yet made it there to check it out but from what I have seen online that you can use tables to run your own games. Now if I can clear a regular hole in my schedule I may try to run some Post Apoc games and see who gets interested. I have enough terrain to make a real eye candy table which should attract attention. Who knows I may find a few new gamer buddies too. 

Most of my socialising hobby wise has been done online. The Babylon's Burning and Combat Zone Yahoo groups was a good starting point. Later I got into other online forums such as The Miniatures Page (TMP) and the Lead Adventures Forum. These days Twitter and Facebook are great places to chat to like minded folks and I have made a few good friends over there. 

As time wore on I was feeling a little out there as there was no generic Wargames or modelling forums catering to the Post Apocalyptic genre. So I set one up. I am proud to say I am the Owner of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum. Its my place out there. Its a great little forum with some amazing work on display. The members are friendly and helpful. The feedback I get is always positive. As far as Wargaming and Model building goes I would say its my favourite on line hangout. In the last few years running it I have made some great friends from all over the world, who (when I win the lottery) I will visit one day for Post Apoc gaming madness! 


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  1. Another good one! I'm noticing a trend in these posts. Clubs don't seem to be all they're cracked up to be, eh?

    1. I don't mind clubs but there are certain types that go to them. The wargames fan boy is the games version of the rivet counter. lol. There are historical ones too. Some minor detail making them grumble & moan. Thinking about it, you find them in classic motorbike/vehicle clubs & shows too. Maybe they should develop a get a life pill. lol

    2. A mate of mine uses the term Panzer Pixie to describe obsessional war gamers who oddly always seem to own SS panzer armies containing more tiger tanks than were ever produced who are obsessional about details. I tend to avoid them.

      Most gamers I fight like the round robin shaft a thon. They don't mind losing but it's the ability to give their mates something to complain about that drives them on.

  2. There are a lot of 40k gamers out there who are just plain odd but a few migrate over to other things.

    What wargaming I do goes on in Warrington which can't be that far from you. I think everyone I wargame with at the moment comes from Liverpool to Warrington apart from one scouser who lives in Warrington. Most are role players and all have played in a few zombie games. I'm not saying come too that club but have a look around.a lot of stuff going on if you look. There a wargames show in Leeds in a couple next door to the Royal Armouries. If you get board of the show you can always go to the museum.

    1. Warrington? Are you a Scouser then Fred?

      Do you have details of the club? I am in North Liverpool so the centre, Southport and Wigan are better for me. But you make a good point. I may have to travel for a game and have to look out there.

    2. I was born in Widnes (the posh end) so consider myself Lancastrian. Just don't get me in an argument about being from Cheshire or a Scouser.

      It's the Warrington Roleplaying gamers who have a site on meetup. Most f the hardcore are wargamers.

      I've always thought that wargaming was a social activity. Okaying with yourself (sic) only allows you to beat yourself and I am reliably informed that this is called masochism.