Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Star Shipyard is open for business.

Thanks to the Josiah Trenchard novels by Jonathon Fletcher and the Privateer novel byWilliam Zellmann my Sci Fi creative juices have been flowing. My Wild Galaxy setting has been getting expanded and further detailed. More of that at a later date. I have been considering a new blog to cover the Wild Galaxy setting. 

For now my creative juices are focused on getting the 1:3000 scale star fleets I have ready for action. Looking at the fleet I built for the Star Crashers game a couple of years back they are at least two classes in larger in Full Thrust. 

The fleet for the Tengun Empire would have 1x Super Dreadnought, 1 Heavy Dreadnought, 2 Heavy cruisers, 2 destroyers and 6 Frigates (see the picture below). That is pretty much a killer fleet in FT. Too powerful for a small pirate nation. So some of them will be becoming other faction vessels. All of them will be getting extra detail as I found them a bit plain. 

These ships are all scratch build from junk & odds n ends. 

The project will see the construction of new scratch built ships, wrecks, asteroids and other space terrain. 

First up for your viewing a Frigate and Destroyer from the Rim Independents nations. These are often single independent worlds or stations which rely on each other for mutual protection from the Galactic Nations & Blocks. As such fleets are often rag tag in appearance featuring vessels from many manufacturers and in some cases converted civilian or merchant vessels. 

These are Full Thrust UNSC ships. As the Independents fleets are often rag tag in appearance they have adopted black and white stripe markings for identification purposes. These are just the start. Lots more to follow. 

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  1. This fleet is fantastic. Hard to believe how much is scratch built! You have some skills mate.