Sunday, 13 October 2013

The old buildings

Another set of models built from the trash building frenzy....

Out in the wastes there are old crumbling building. Who knows what the original buildings where for? Now wastelanders have repurposed these buildings.

These buildings can also be on some distant frontier world in my Sci Fi settings.

The old wall, or what is left of it. A wanted poster of some dodgy criminal.
These models started life as cardboard packaging. Some spray foam was used to fill it and to renforce it.

A set of walk boards have been installed. I have lost the photo of the otherside.

The door is made from cardboard. The lamp is a bit from a model and the door control panel was from a toy playset. The windows are recessed bases with corrugated card. The old air vent was a plastic packing peice from a washing machine.

The pipes are made from drinking straws the ladder is wire mesh.

Again the stove pipe is a drinking straw. The metal plates are made from plastic gift cards. They had to be added as the wall section was attached to the building.

Easy & cheap builds. I cant wait to get them on the table for a game. More Trash builds to follow....

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