Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 17: Go Big or Go Home

The theme for Sprue Cutters #17 is Go Big or Go Home! Would I if I had the time go Super Detailed or take on a Large Project? This week I hope not to delete the post accidently like I did a couple of weeks back. Doh!
As some one who makes models for Wargaming I could say that every new project to me is technically a Large Project. Where as a modeller may build a massive diorama, a  Wargames Modeller will be building  to fill a table. Many of these will be several small vignettes made with common elements and styles so a gaming table hangs together. These can be vehicles, wrecks, buildings, statues, small details or walls. In fact just about anything  that can be found in the real world. Of course some objectives for the gamer's forces to fight over are needed too. The other issue is that these collections will never be finished. You will find yourself adding more and more models to the collection for various reasons....or just for the hell of it.
For me part of the hobby is to make it visually appealing. It has to look good and as realistic as possible, which given that I love to build Sci-Fi stuff is another challenge! The models must also have detail able to survive the rigours of Wargaming. Unlike display models they cannot be fragile. They will be knocked, mauled and dropped. Some may even get attacked by giant Mutant Cats...
I have made a few large projects over the last few years. When I make them I like to have enough time to get the majority of the work out of the way or I will lose interest. Other projects and ideas creep in or real life raises its ugly head.

There was my Mars terrain for Victorian Sci Fi/Steampunk games.

Then there was the tunnel system inspired by the tunnel networks in the Stalker and Metro2033 computer games. These feature a modular approach to enable a maximum of variations for gaming. The tunnels can be used for access tunnels, secret labs and bunkers. The big issue with the tunnels is that they are addictive to build. I could happily build more and more rooms for this set.

Another big build was my Post Apocalyptic Fortress which is designed to cross a four foot table.
Of course this hasn't really answered the question. You see there are BIG projects to be seen out in the Wargames world. These are normally built by clubs and Wargames companies for displays & demo games at Wargames shows. I would love to build one of these. If I had time to focus on the project in hand.

A multi levelled Post Apocalyptic table with openings into the sewer or underground systems would be a good start. A Frozen world. A version of a Hadley's Hope colony from the Aliens Movie or a table of the interior of a spaceship are also projects I would  love  to make. In fact I could ramble on for days (and days) of the different models I would love to build. I guess that I am a model making addict.


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  1. Your work certainly is on a large scale, even the cat likes to be involved. I like your work and it must part of the fun to design and build a base which will be used to great effect.