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Your (Post Apocalyptic) Warlord NEEDS YOU!!!

Your Warlord NEEDS YOU!!!
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One of the many advantages of creating an entire imaginary world is that there is a lot of space to fill. If you look at the map of Mattblackgod's world there is a lot of empty space. So to fill up some space I thought a new Post Apocalyptic project is in order. A Post Apoc setting based on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum!

Over the years I have made some great friends over there and the forum has developed a life of its own with its own legends and stories. Its been a great laugh and extremely inspiring. In an attempt to give something back and get some interaction going I am giving the good folks over there a chance to make their mark on Mattblackgod's world which can be found in this here thread.

The plan is this....

There is a Warlord in a wasteland which will be modelled on the forum. I have no name for Warlord Dan's (some say he is a direct descendant of the Matt Black God!) AKA Mad Dan Terror of the Wastes, AKA the great Greebo's town or the wasteland they inhabit.

The characters of his mighty army of raiders will be based upon forum folks using minis from my collection or new ones. This will be of course a bit tongue in cheek fun. The local area will have features named after forum legends (some of the forum characters who made a big impact on the forum who have left the hobby or are no longer of this world. Or many of the daft crazy topics that crop up on that forum).

There will be another town over 200 miles to the south of this blessed place in the Wastes. It was made up from the descendants of a fallout style vault, military bunker and some local survivors. I do not have a name yet for this town. They will have a series of stations that serve as outposts.

One day the Warlord hears rumours of this place of politicians, bankers and accountants. He launches a war to deal with the blight of civilisation that caused Mattblackgod's world to be destroyed.

So I have challenged my Wastelanders to come up with:

A name for the Warlord's Settlement/Fortress
A name for the Wastelands they inhabit
A name for the civilisation that the Wastelanders will invade.
Names of local places in the wastes inspired by forum legends such as Ross, Dawgie, The Outhouse, Rat on a Stick, The cult of the purple helmet and Ol Gregg.

We will put the names to the vote or the moderators will decide. This is purely for fun but I will add the winners as characters in the Warlord's Warband. On 1sr Dec we will decide/vote on the best names.

This is only the beginning. Who wants a mini them in the Warlord's mighty army? All you need to do is to give a outline of your character. Are they a warrior? What weapons do they favour? Any other colour would be good too (this will be open for a while).

So if this sounds fun to you, wander across the Wastelands to the
Post Apoc Wargames Forum, say Hi in the Bar and join the Warlord's army in the Wastelands. Go on give Post Apoc wargaming a wont get addicted. Honest! ;-)

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