Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wasteland Wondering 2

With all manner of things going on in real life I am not getting creative as much as I would like. That doesn't stop me planning or thinking up some new ideas (well for me anyway).  We are also approaching the silly season and here all hobby work stops. While I hate stopping it is good as it leaves me with a real desire to get back into things come the new year. Of course the break over Xmas is a great time to catch up on writing up ideas and backgrounds. I hope I can also grab some time for a few games over the holiday season. 

I am currently looking ahead to 2014's projects and ideas. What would I like to do if time presents itself?  Of course these things may change depending on what inspires me or what Post Apocalyptic Santa brings me. 

Figure by a Rustbucket.

1. The New Wastelands

There is a current ideas challenge for the new wastelands on Mattblackgod's world over at the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum. The ideas that come up will be used in my 2014 Post Apoc builds. There has been a few very good suggestions for places around the new wastes. Hopefully I will get some terrain made up to suit. I also plan on figures for the war band based on my friends over there. This ideas thing isn't over yet. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to add them to the comments at the bottom of the pages. Anyone who contributes will get to see mini versions of them on the table. 

2. Utopia City. 

I am currently working on a sci fi/near future urban table. Ever since I first played Combat Zone I wanted a decent urban setup. I need more buildings and other bits & bobs, so more will follow. I am a little concerned that some of the stuff I have made may be a little too clean. So some dirty and rubbish may be added to the boards to get things looking right. 

3. Wild Galaxy

Recently I have been reading a number of Sci Fi Space Opera novels. They have inspired me and fired up my imagination. I plan to expand my setting and fluff. Work on this has been going on for some weeks now mainly on a trickle flow. It will be a little more of a Galactic Dark Age. There is a plan to create a campaign system for the setting with a Firefly/Serenity style ships crew trying to find work out in the Galaxy.  I aim to remove any current references from scorches of inspiration such as Browncoats & Blue Sun. This is just in case I ever decide to go commercial with this. 

There will be GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) to trade with or avoid (more like avoid as they don't like the humans who created them). The idea is to base them on current (commonly available) figures in my collection so others out there do not need to invest in new figures. 

I am unsure what rules to use for the actual games. Possibly my old 40K Rouge Trader as they cover everything I need, although I may use a different turn system. Other possible rulesets include Necromundia and NYK3000. 

4. Star Ships

Scratch built star ships of the Tengun Empire.

For Wild Galaxy I plan some fleets of 1:3000 scale star ships. These will be a mix of plastics, metal models and scratch builds. I plan currently to use Full Thrust rules for this. 

5. Juggers

One of my favourite Post Apoc movies is Salute of the Jugger. I fancy making a couple of Jugger Teams. These will be conversions of figures in the unpainted stock pile. I may need a dog skull and stones pile too. 

6. Jetbikes

A jetbike converted from a GW 40K Space Marine Scout Bike

I have  bit of a thing for model motorbikes and jet bikes. I hope to scratch build some Jet/hover bikes and maybe run a couple of Jetbike racing games. 

7. Frozen Wastes/Ice World


This is a project I have had on the back burner for a while doing a little bit here and there. I have a few suitable figures and some terrain. However I need a game mat/board and more terrain. The problem is that Ice world terrain takes a bit more work to look good especially if you are going for the long freeze look I want. You need at least two coats of snow scatter. Icicles are a pain to make. This time of year it is possible to pick up some decorations and craft bits that can be easily cannibalised. Best wait for the sales for that. If cash allows I may get some Scavenge Skirmish Survive Figures from Miniature Mojo.

8. Orks/Trogs

I have a small horde of additions to my Horde of Orks/Trogs. If I ever get around to painting them then the war band will grow quite a bit. I would like a new tribe & mobs to be found amounts that lot. Some suitable vehicles may have to be found too. 


Its a fact that I do not get enough games in. I suspect that this is what may cause some of my recent creative flunks. Whats the point of all these cool toys if you don't use them? 

So thats the plans looking ahead for 2014, so far. It will be interesting to see how they change by new year or by this time next year. 


  1. Heh, be cool to do a "Blood of Heroes" two teams and have a game based on that....I always thought that would be a cool thing.....I toyed around with some rules for it awhile back.

    1. I think that any ruleset would do as rules of Jugger are simple enough. The big problem for me is how many turns is 100 stones? I would say its about 90 to 120 seconds depending on the thrower. So 9 turns? I would go for 4 to 6 for playability.

    2. Hrm, a good question on the turn scale....guess you could always test it in RL and time it to conversion....then average it for a game balance time frame.

  2. Lots to do then! You have some great plans and projects for the new year!

  3. I like to keep busy. :-) We will see how it changes by new year! lol