Friday, 22 November 2013

Wasteland Wondering 3

Again I am looking at the new Wastelands idea I have for the new year. The challenge for the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum is a little low on ideas. Still I hope for a late surge in interest. There has been plenty of good ideas for areas around the wastelands.

So where do I plan to drop these new Wastelands for Mattblackgod's world? I am thinking of here...

A bit of a closer  look...

For the civilised town seeking to colonise and dominate the wastelands I was going to use some 40K Imperial Guard figures I have in my collection. However I do have a box of WW2 British by Warlord. I may use them as they will have more of the feel I want. The iconic pie-dish helmet will be replaced and some other bits added to them to give them the mix n match feel that a post apocalyptic army would have. I imagine this faction to have limited industrial capabilities similar to early WW2.Vehicles and tanks would be salvaged from the old world.  
I see them in 6 man squads with the CO with a home made SMG (Sten), 4 men armed with bolt action rifles and fire support trooper armed with a Assault Rifle or LMG. There may be some other squads such as Assault and fire support. 


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