Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Some tweaks and waffle.

Hello and welcome back to my blog,

I have been doing a few little tweaks to the blog. Mainly adding a page tab for the Matt Black City campaign and removing the dead page for Roach Jones. Let's face it may take him a while to get out of Utopia's Undercity and walk 11,000 miles of wasteland to get to Matt Black City. You never know, he may turn up in a future post. 

The posts of the Matt Black City setting seems to be getting positive feedback both here and on other forums which is inspiring me further. The Photobucket ransom debacle has pushed this idea further which will see me taking fresh pictures of the seventy or eighty factions of my 28mm collection. 

So far I have another three posts in draft once I take get pictures sorted out. I have ideas and plans for another three or four posts. There is plenty of ideas flying about. That is before faction posts and any games I manage to I get in. 

Then there is the Gorkamorka style Trog/Ork gangs & characters I plan, just for a bit of fun with the setting. The current plan is to use old 40K RT orks as renforcements for the Matt Black Trog's army and a mix of later & Gorkamorka Orks for the gangs. 

The Matt Black City background is an idea I have toyed with for over a year. I have been looking for a way to get all the factions across the world into one place. Gorkamorka and the Gangs of Nu Ork site have inspired some of the background. The legends of the Mattblackgod, the city ruins and the tomb is a way to attract the people of the world. I am afraid that you will to wait to find out more about the Matt Black Trog and his plans.

Rules wise I plan to use Neutronyork3000 for the games. I have made up some house rules to cover vehicles and other fun. Or maybe a mix of Necromunda and Gorkamorka. Or Gangs of Nu Ork.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

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