Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 4. More data.

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 25060117
Day 4:

Last night was uneventful. Alas high command have not yet replied to my report/request. I hope their decision will not take too long. Our supplies are not in a good way and we have begun rationing.

Magistrate Black found a old Trog carcass near by in an advanced state of decay. It was probally killed by one of the mutant beasts that prowl the ruins. Black took a flamer to it to stop it spawning more. Mag Warren fears it may be too late. If remain here we will have to keep be alert for young savage Trogz or "Yoofs" as they call them.

Our drones have been feeding back data. The images from the ruins are a depressing sight. There are whole areas choked in rubble, dust and decay. Other areas have crumbling ruins and wrecked blocks. Civilian vehicles lie decaying in the streets many of which are blocked by rubble or vehicle jams. In other areas old military vehicles can be seen, evidence of the war on the streets of the capital. More disturbing are the groups of war bots standing immobile in some places. Are they depowered, dead or are they in power save waiting to kill again?
Warbots by Ramshackle games.

The Trog City has high walls of rubble and scrap. There are also clanking walking machines made from junk patrolling the outer walls. The Big Boss takes security seriously.

There are many war machines in the city. Most seem to be of the buggy or truck variety but our drones did spot some that could be classified as tanks.
All the major Trog clans seem to be present. Red Sun's, Evil Moons, Blue Skulls.

We have some data showing battle axes, Goffz and Snake Bites are also here but the drone was destroyed before the data could be confirmed. Most clans seem to wear war paint and tattoos in black symbolizing loyalty to the Big Boss.
In addition there seems to be a unrecognised Clan. Possibly a new one dedicated to the Big Boss? They copy his black clothing and rusty armour. Apparently they call themselves The Matt Black Trogz. Perhaps this world has twisted the Trogz too?

Also present are Trog Freebooters (anarchist pirates) and many small gangs. Only a handful of these seem to have any Clan affiliation. I wonder if in Trog culture when a gang gets famous or powerful enough they form into a Clan?

Our drones over Trog City have all been  destroyed. The other drones that went out over the ruins showed that there maybe a hundred observed camps or settlements. Many of them appear to be human or mutant. Have they been drawn here too by the signal?

In addtion our drones also spotted a larger Trog settlement in the northern part of the ruins. Further investigation will be required.

There are also some settlements beyond the edge of the ruins a few miles out into the hell zone. We have not got close enough to collect more data yet. Hopefully they won't be infested by Trogz.

Perhaps we could convince some of the other human groups here to join us? Then maybe we could complete our mission.

The hordes of mutant beasts reported to haunt the ruins by our robotic drones 50 years ago are much less in number than we expected. Groups moving through the ruins will still have to take care.

Many old beast carcasses appear across the ruins. A closer look also showed some Trog skulls and bones mixed with them. It would appear the Trogz had some fun clearing the ruins ahead of the new occupants arrival. A job they are suited for and probably loved. It makes me wonder just what the Matt Black Trog is up to? Trog remains spread across the city also means that the Trogz are here to stay.

There appears to be large patches of plant life growing in the ruins. It seems a strange contrast seeing the vibrant colours against the bleakness of the ruins. Whilst this at first sounds promising there is a possibliity that the mutated carnivorous plants found in parts of the world may be growing here. There are also patches of large fungi growing wild. Mag Warren says that some of these are the result of the terraforming. They take contaminants out of the earth. The bad news is some of these fungi patches are possible Trog spawning sites.

Out in the ruins the drones have spotted large structures made from scrap located across the ruins. No doubt this is the work of the Trogz. We have no data to their purpose. One theory is that they are way markers so exploring Trogz can navigate the ruins. Another is that they are territorial markers. Mag Monk has suggested that these may be trog shrines.

All data collected has been forwarded to HOJ. I hope we can either continue on our mission or abort. To be honest I will be glad to leave here.The remains of this great city are depressing to see.

The Trogz of Trog City are my first faction in this series. The rules for the Trogz are : 

1. Trogz cannot and won't hire mercenaries. Only Freebooters and Blood Axes can be hired by other factions as Mercenary muscle. Blood Axes will not carry out missions against the Matt Black Trog or it's interests. 

2. The Trogz raid the ruins and other factions for scrap, vehicles and other resources.

3.The Trogz keep human slaves in addition  to the Grots. 

4. The Trogz will trade with other factions for resources.

5. The Tomb of the Mattblackgod is sacred and the Trogs will not go near it.