Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Scavenger's Map - Map of Drop Town

Hello and welcome back to my blog,

Some time ago a read asked if there was a map of Drop Town in my 15mm post apocalyptic setting. 

I had knocked one together before the request and I had filed it in a secure location which I promptly forgot where it was. Months later I stumbled across it looking for something else. Typical isn't it? 

So I got it finished. I present to you The Scavenger's map of the area around Drop City. 

This map is currently in the Dok's possession, he traded it for a couple of bags of flour and a can of beans.

In the north is Drop Town. Around it there is the cultivated lands which cover about 20 to 30 miles around the town. Here lie the various farms that keep the town fed. 

On the coast just to the south of Drop Town lies a fishing village. The locals suffer minor mutations and have health problems due to the contamination in the sea.

Center of the Map lies the Boneyard. This is a ruined city. Few scavengers prospect here due to the ruins being infested with Ghouls. Up river of the Toxic River is the remains of a giant chemical plant. This leaks chemicals into the river and contaminates the local bay, river and shorelines. To the south of the Boneyard lies a village of crazies. The people here are insane and the Dok thinks that some sort of residual chemical weapon may to be blame. 

There is another Boneyard further south but it is beyond the limits of many of the scavengers. The Far Off Boneyard is a unknown resource for Drop Town. The wastelands around the Far Off Boneyard are pretty flat and known as the Flat Lands.

On the left of the map shows the mountains which protect the area. There is a few scavenging opportunities in the mountains. 

The right of the map lies the contaminated sea and the toxic coast. In addtion to the chemicals leaking into the local bay there are many rusting hulks in the sea. 

This is the only map of my 15mm Post apocalyptic setting. A general world map needs creating but at the minute I have no idea how that will look. 

Thanks for looking and take care out there.


  1. thanks a lot!! i asked for a map some times ago.. ew

    1. I remember. It has been lost for all that time in the "secure location". lol