Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 3. Into the fire.

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 24060117

Day 3:

We took off at first light and discovered to our pleasure that the weather conditions where calm and clear. The legendary near constant storms that haunt the mountains and the hellish wastes beyond seemed to be at a rare lull. I foolishly took this to be a symbol of hope that our mission would be a success.

As we passed the mountains Magistrate Warren pointed out that the sensors where only picking up pockets of contamination. In fact the hell zone was no worse than the rest of the world. As we puzzled this Warren noted traces of what the ancients called Terraforming elements. These microbes and chemicals where designed to transform hostile worlds into places humanity could live. Warren wishes to land on our return trip to collect samples. If Utopia can replicate these we may turn our world once again into a eden. This raised new questions namely who set off the terrafroming and where did they get the kit?

On approach to the Matt Black City we did a high altitude fly past circling the huge expanse of ruins for Mag Monk to get a bearing on the transmission. Many blocks where gone, just piles of rubble or dust. Others stood broken whilst one or two lay on their sides. It was shocking to see the mega city in this state. Again the contaminent levels seemed normal for the rest of our world with only pockets registered here or there.

We noted many active camps and settlements. The immensity of the ruins keeping many of them miles apart. It seems others have been drawn here too. They better take care and avoid the contaminated zones.

Shockingly towards the centre of the ruins there appeared to be what looks like a ramshackle city. Mag Monk confirmed the transmission was coming from the city. Warren also noted that the location of the tomb of the Matt Black God should lie dead centre of the city. This city is not here by chance nor do I feel the recent terraforming and transmission is a coincidence.

Taking a lower sweep we could see the ramshackle city was teaming with Trogz.

Trogz have been recorded in the wastelands for a long time and are incorrectly thought by many to be mutants. Trogz are a Genetically Engineered Life Form or GELF. These are also known as ORCS (Organically Replicating Combat System) produced long ago before the wars on a far off world to act as troops in wars. There use was banned and the were probably brought here illegally as spores during the wars. According to the data the ORCS are hard to control, extremely violent, bloodthirsty and replicate at a alarming rate. Even when dead up to 12 creatures can spore from one for years to come. Worlds were overwhelmed leading to the GELF wars. Reading about the Trogz makes me miss the Pyscho-d up mental street punks of the Blocks.

The tomb of the god lies dead centre (we could see it from the air) and is unmolested by the creatures. It is kept clear of their buildings and detruius. Mag Monk confirmed that The Tomb is the centre of the transmission. The trog city stretches out for a estimated two miles in all directions from the tomb. How many of these beasts are there?

Near the centre of what we callas "Trog City" lies many large constructions. They look like warmachines made from junk. We noted one Trog bigger than all the rest. Here is a picture of the Boss.

The Matt Black Trog is a 40K Ork Warboss I got cheap on evilbay. The usual head wasn't what I envisioned so I gave him a head swap and raised his cranium with greenstuff putty. I added a Scar and Lump on his head. I am happy with his skin which is supposed to be black. The Grot slave is a classic 40K figure I have owned since the early 90s.

He must be the Big Boss/leader. He is unusual in having black skin and a higher cranium than most of his species. Mag Warren speculates that it may have higher intelligence or possibly PSI abilities.

Trogz are known to have various skin colours depending on where they where spawned. It seems local contaminants can effect them. Most are green or brown skinned. Black is a rarity. Note the smaller creature behind. That is a Grots. A smaller GELF closely associated with Trogz. They are of a similar make up but are smaller and weaker. Both their designers and the Trogz use them as a source of slave labour. Like the Trogz many in the wastelands think the Grots are mutants and call them "The mutie men".

We also spied another Trog on one of the construction sites wearing fierce looking power armour. He seems to be a big mek, a trog version of a engineer. Note the Grot slave. 

Big Mek Tinka. This is a standard 40K figure. The grot is a classic 40K metal figure I have owned since the early 90s. 

At this point we started to take hostile fire and we were forced beat a hasty retreat. Thankfully the shuttle only took superficial damage.

I have ordered us to land on a old city block many miles away from Trog City so we can reassess. We have launched spydat drones to collect closer Intel on the Trogz.

We cannot shoot our way into the tomb. Even with our weapons and skills we wouldn't get past the walls.

The shuttle has enough firepower to damage the tomb but will it be enough? Our missiles and cannon have limited stores.

We could use the shuttle as a distraction and infiltrate. Head for the tomb and disable the transmission. However if we get spotted we stand little chance.

Another option is for Utopia to send a bomber or gunships to our location and hammer the tomb from above. A nuke should do it nicely.

As I fear our mission may now be impossible and suicidal I have contacted Utopia city to advise of our findings and for further orders.

In addition I have ordered the shuttle be ready for immediate action in case we encounter large groups of hostiles and we have to bug out.

For now we rest. Tomorrow we may die.


  1. I hope Rych and Tinker are in this ..lol

    1. Big Mek Tinka....😂😂

      Rych will arrive....don't you worry.Trog, Mag or Ganger is the question!