Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matt Black City Report 6: Move

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 27060117

Day 6: Move

Today I ordered us to move our base to a new location for security in case we where observed by the landing here by theTrogz. We also need a better location to set up a permanent base.

Thankfully our remaining drones found a good location a good distance away from our last position in the ruins. We are parked on top of a block that seems reasonably intact as do many of the adjacent blocks. Scans showed few signs of life in the immediate area so hopefully we will be left unharassed. The block isn't far from a dried up river which should help with navigation in and out.

Utopia have been advised of our new location. Still there has been no word on a resupply or the dispatch of our reinforcements. Apparently there is a logistical issue with the distance. The old long range transports used in the evac of the wastelands have been long scrapped due to age.

After our move to our new "home", things look grim supply wise. We are further rationing our supplies and the shuttle is down to quarter of it's fuel. There is only a couple more hops left in the tanks. We may get a couple of hundred miles beyond the mountains in a single flight. At least we can still bug out if things get desparate.

There is less than 20 percent of our spydat drones still operational. The Trogz and other groups here have reacted with hostility towards them forcing us to operate the remaining drones at a safer (higher) altitude. We are keeping the remaining ones back for recon purposes only. I hope Utopia send more, they are listed in our resupply data.

Magistrates Black and Warren have been exploring both the blocks we have visited but haven't made it to street level. Over 100 floors would take a while to traverse.

Apparently both blocks are pretty much left as they where at the end. There has been no scavengers to strip the city clean like elsewhere in the world. Electrical cables, pipes, fixtures, tools, tech and many personal items lie ready to be salvaged. Much of it is scrap but there will be some salvageable items of value. Maybe this is also an attraction for various factions present here? The ruins is a treasure trove. Many settlements across the planet could benefit from their looting.

Sadly there was little consumable food found although Warren did find some old medicines. I doubt they will still be effective. Mag Black is talking about hunting mutant beasts to top up our supplies. Both Warren and I doubt they would make good eating. The beasts here are probably highly contaminated.

Thankfully the shuttle has a emergency solar still in equipment bay so drinking water should not be a issue. We have set it up on top of the block. Mag Warren has botched together a filter and purification system so hopefully it should be safe to drink.

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