Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Matt Black City Report 14 - Strange Events

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 04070117

Day 14 - Strange events

Last night we noticed on a drone feed what appeared to be a small campfire few miles out from our location. When taking a closer look the fire vanished. The drone could not pick up activity or movement in the area other than a small heat patch where the fire was seen. A mutated beast was moving towards where the fire had been spotted. As it walked across the heat patch a flame suddenly erupted out of thin air incinerating the beast. It lasted only a couple of seconds and left only ashes.

Shocked by this we swung the drone further out we noticed some distance way a blue light. Thinking that a camp or vehicle was there we moved the drone towards it, promising to revisit the sight of the fire later. As the drone approached the light we noticed faint blue sparks dancing around a spot. Nothing indicates a power source near there. They seem to be generated in thin air.

What is odd is the drone picked up all manner of strange readings from both these sites. Gravitational, increased background static and more. Radiation seemed to peak a little too. Magistrate Warren thinks that these are some sort of anmoloies in the laws of physics. The how and why we cannot determine at this time. As we do not want to risk losing another drone with a closer swoop we will map them and send the data home. When we get a chance we will send a team to investigate them further. No doubt the science teams will have questions. These ruins get stranger and more hazardous by the day.

The only other thing worthy of note is that again we are seeing some fluidity in the camps out in the ruins. One day they are there, the next gone. Where are they migrating too? Surely not Trog Town??

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