Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Matt Black Data #4 - Immortan Ork

Immortan Ork: 

30 miles south of the ruins in the wastelands of the hell zone lies a settlement built around what appears to be a old world aquifer. The leader of this settlement is a old mutated Trog known as Immortan Ork. The Trog has survived here for a long time. He was here even when the Hellzone was too toxic for anything else to live.

He and his Warboys terrorise the wastelands to the south of the ruins in souped up vehicles.

Immortan Ork would contest the Matt Black Trog's position in the city ruins but his Warboys are deeply superstitious of the ruins and cannot be coaxed or bullied to go more than a mile into the old mega city. 

The chances are that it would be suicide to contest the Matt Black Trog as his Trogs outnumber the Warboys. 

Immortan Ork is a based on a current 40K Ork Nob with a heavy amount of customisation. The mask was made to look more Orky than the Mad Max Fury Road character. The Warboys are GW Gorkamorka Digganobs painted in a Warboy style.

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