Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Matt Black City Report 16 - Questions

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.

Date 06070117

Day 16- Questions

We had some good news from Utopia today. It appears that the PSI signal from the Tomb is weakening. The city is hardly effected now. If current predictions of the signal decay are correct it will only effect the ruins of Matt Black City within 18 months. It makes us think that this is some sort of gathering or summoning call. But why?

As we predicted the Utopia High Command is interested by the anomolous activity and ordered a drone fly past to collect more data. To our surprise the anomalies had moved a few hundred meters towards the centre of the ruins. After collecting more data we conducted a sweep of the ruins and discovered yet more anomolies further towards the centre of the city. Some are singular and others grouped together. The anomolie placement and pattern seems to get more concentrated further towards the centre of the city. Curiously these anomlies do not appear in or around Trog City.

One fear I had was that this was some sort of Trog weapon or possibly a side effect of a Trog experiment. Their Meks are famous for trying to make new weapons and teleporters. Often they tinker with things they do not understand. The Meks are also famous for accidentally making a weapon when the original design was something more functional like a tin opener or plumbing. It is possible a Trog Psyker could be behind this using a PSI amplifier of some kind.

As a precaution I asked Magistrate Monk if she could pick up anything from the anomalies. What she "read" was disturbing. The anomalies are generated by a powerful Psyker or possibly some sort of Entity and they are used as defence mechanisms by it. The random outer single anomolies we have observed are uncontrolled side effects.

Pushing Monk further to find who or what the Psyker is, she confirmed that this is not a Trog but is unsure if it is a human. More disturbing is that the Psyker is also located in the Tomb or tomb complex.

Monk was too tired to continue as her gift often leaves her exhausted. It does leave us with more questions than answers. Is the PSI signal that brought us here linked to the Psyker? To my mind if it is powerful enough to generate anomolies in the laws of physics then they could easily generate the PSI signal.

How is the Matt Black Trog and the Trog's linked to this? Are they summoned as some sort of guards? Why has "it" summoned everyone to the ruins of the capitol? Or was that a side effect of calling the Trogs? Did the Trogs terraform the captiol for themselves or for everyone? Who and what is the Psyker? Is it human or some unknown entity?

There has been some wild speculation between us that this could possibly be the Matt Black God. But he died long ago and as far as history recalls our planet's founder had no psychic abilites. Can the machines that kept him alive still be working?

Legend has it a cleaner accidentally unplugged his life support to run a vacuum cleaner. Did the Trogs revive a long dead corpse? If so, how?

So many questions. The longer we are here the more questions this place generates. I guess we cannot know more until Monk recovers.

If the anomolie fields are a defence mechansim (from who and what? Another question!) then if we can by pass them we may find a way to the Tomb and possibly the rogue Psyker.

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