Friday, 8 September 2017

Matt Black City Report 15 - Troubling news.

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 05070117

Day 15- Troubling news

We have news from Utopia about some of the radio signals we have intercepted. Decoding them points to two corporations from Utopia being present here.

It appears that the Krom Corporation has sent a detachment to the ruins. Probably to find a way to turn the PSI signal and tomb into some sort of profit. The corporation's troops are well equipped and aggressive. We are beyond Utopia's jurisdiction and our laws will mean nothing, making us fair game. We shall have to treat them with care.

The Brittainna corporation is the other Utopia force here. Again they are well equipped and have access to power armour.

More concerning news is that when the Magistrates called upon the Brittanna Corporate block it was empty. Cleared out. The corporation had used the chaos of the riots to leave Utopia.

50 years ago Utopia took in survivors of the destruction of Brittainna bunker city. They formed a corporation, employing people in the block and thrived. They traded with Brittainna' s remaining wasteland colonies and produced arms which they traded across the wastes. Many weapons also turned up illegally in the hands of Utopia criminals but no evdience was discovered incriminating the Corporation. Brittannia became rich very fast.

For the last 10 years they have taken Utopia's technologies and secretly built a new city of their own. This city lies somwhere near their "New Shires" colony which is overseen by Lord Blackdaggar.

Speaking of Blackdaggar, we have received call signs of his company in the ruins too. Unlike their Brittainna brethren these troops habe gained experience defending the colony from wastelander hordes. We must be wary.

Lord Blackdagger 

Blackdagger's company 

Blackdagger's company 

At least the empty block will be of use in helping ease the overcrowding Utopia suffers. No doubt more news of Brittainna and their will filter through to us as Utopia gathers intelligence and attempts diplomacy. Or finds useful spies.

Scanning the radio waves we keep hearing of a settlement called "Wastetopia". Apparently they kicked K2I out of their township. There seems to have been a battle and K2I had sent in a platoon of 40. Just how large is the Corporation? Most wasteland cities struggle to raise this kind of manpower. Some reports speak of a Warbot being feilded against the Corporation. Magistrate Black seemed to find that news amusing bit then he has no love for K2I. We will have to find out more about Wastetopia.

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  1. Finally caught up on this tonight, wonderful stuff, and the scope is truly amazing. Enjoying all of the great figs as well.