Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Matt Black Data Report #1.

These are some of the data items sent to Utopia High Command by the Expedition team currently setting up in the ruins of Matt Black City.


These stable mutations have been spotted out in the ruins. They appear to be tribal versions of those guarded by Brittannia's Black Daggers company. It is thought that they may be decendants of the people who lived in this city before the end.

They live in the rubble zones of the city and raid for food. However they can be easily won over by gifting or tradeing for food.

The Halfpintskis live in rubble caverns beneath the ruins in a settlement they call "Halfpintington". These mutants are known to help those lost or in trouble near their settlement. However do not cross them as they are well armed and can be aggressive.

I bought these minis as a impulse buy many years ago (because you have to have tribal machine gun toting hobbits! ) and now I can't recall the manufacturer.

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