Sunday, 29 September 2013

GW - Garden of Morr

My favourite holiday (well not quite a holiday but it should be!) Halloween is on the way. So with this in mind I dug out a kit Laura (my long suffering wife) got me last year....The Garden of Morr by GW.

This is a Fantasy Scenery kit for those Undead Games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Me? Well I intend to have some creepy stuff going on in the Wastelands of Mattblackgod's world ( as if the denizens of that cursed world don't have enough problems!). 

I found the kit easy to assemble. It was painted with cheap craft acrylics. A black and a brown wash helped make the detail ping. 

There is some more spooky stuff on the old work bench. Hopefully I will have them finished soon. 

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