Sunday, 29 September 2013

New bits for Utopia City/Urban terrain

Some more new bits for Utopia City or my urban terrain.

First up a new Statue....

This is a Halo Clix figure on a old roll on deodorant top. Given a coat of textured paint then painted with cheap craft acrylics. 

The graffiti was done with cheap marker pens. They are all names of other members of the #spruecutters Union on Twitter. 

The next bit of terrain is a low wall.

Simple 5mm blue foam build left over from another project. 

Looking at my urban boards, I think I need some dirt and other rubbish. Another thing to add at a later date.


  1. Very cool barricades and the look the business with the graffiti on :D

  2. Nice! Love the Sprue Cutters Union graffiti!