Sunday, 22 September 2013

Some WIPs...

Just a couple of WIPs of thing I am working on....

Halloween is on the I got on with a GW Garden of Morr...

Not much left to do. A wash to tone it down and static grass. Better pictures to follow. I may look into making extra graves. I want a Halloween game this year. 

I was left alone unsupervised yesterday so I went on a terrain building binge. 

A mix of Sci-Fi Frontier World, Sci Fi Post Apoc and Sci- Fi Urban terrain. I guess it would have been easier to say Sci-Fi terrain. Its mostly junk from the recycled bin. Cardboard packaging, old gift cards, tool box insert, a bit of washing machine packing, plastic drinking straws, a old cassette box, wire mesh, corrugated card and cereal packing card. In fact the poster board bases and plastic bases I am using as windows are the only bought items. 

The card packaging was reenforced with builders spay foam. I had to cut the excess back to make it fit on the bases. 

All they need is basing and some paint. I may look in the bits box for stuff to add a little more detail. I feel the building with the circular feature on the top may benefit from a comms array or turret of some description. 

I am planning a new character for the recent campaign I have had the Stalkers from Asylum City involved in. Introducing Professor Steel and his steam powered Combat suit. 

This was a old Andriods toy. The head was cut off and a torso from EM4 combat zone inserted into the hole. I plan to build up the front with putty and to add weapons. The Prof built the suit to help him survive the dangers of the wastelands of Mattblackgod's world. 


  1. Sweet work, love the converted walker guy. The garden of morr set is coming along nicely. I need to make October build a graveyard month or something.