Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spruecutters Union #7 Your Siginificant Other

UPDATED - 08-09-2013

The week's Sprue Cutters blog theme is all about Our Spouses/Other Half/Significant Other and how they see & react to our hobby. As I missed last weeks post I thought I would get in early.

When my Wife and I got together I wasn't into the hobby. I was a crazy on a Motorbike. One eventful day about 10 years ago I got back into the hobby. It started by converting Hotwheels cars into Post Apocalypitc roadsters for the Axels n Alloys game. 

I am not sure what my good lady thought back then about my hacking up toy cars. I did notice her looking at me somewhat bemused. To be honest I think she thought I had lost my marbles (again).

The discovery of my old 40K Rogue Trader miniatures and a whole world of amazing 28mm near future/post apocalyptic figures. My wife tolerantly put up with my new obsession. At first she thought I had lost my mind when I started collecting junk to make Sci-Fi Scenery for my figures. She was surprised when the junk emerged as a building or other bit of scenery.
These days my Wife supports my strange hobby. To be honest I support her hobbies and interests too. I am happy that my Lady can see the art in my figure painting and model making. I am lucky in that she buys me model figures, kits and paint sets as gifts. To allow us to spend time together I am allowed to hobby on a TV table in the living room. I try not to make a mess or use anything smelly (glues & paints! I am not insane enough yet to use bits of stinky things out of the bin!). My lady even supports my junk collecting and will pass me items she thinks will work.

She even likes to try playing Wargames. She has a great tactical ability and lucky with the dice. When I need to discuss a model idea, figure colour scheme or even background fluff details my wife lends me an ear. I don't always follow her advice or ideas but we often have a laugh during the discussion.

I am a very very lucky man (and I am not just saying that in case Laura reads this! ha ha). My Wife is a Gem who supports my madness. Laura is a real keeper. We are a team. I love her tons and couldn't live without her. One day I hope to be able to scratch build something amazing for her she can display proudly with her ornaments. 

I hope the other Spruecutters Union members are as Lucky.

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  1. Hi mate. I am glad that your wife is so supportive, sounds like you two have a great connection. My wife and I do as well, just not when it comes to the hobby!