Sunday, 29 September 2013

Some new fodder for the MBW grinder...

More meat for the grinder that is Mattblackgod's world. I am sticking them in one post as I have been bombarding blogger with posts today. 

First up....a new Trog Pain Boy.

Then a gunner for the Trog Trike. I kept him apart so I can use the Trike for other forces if needed. 

The missing Squat Hearthgaurd figure was found at the bottom of a bits box. A mantic weapon was added and he is ready to join his brothers in the defence of Copper Head. 

I am ashamed to say I gave him  quick and dirty paint job. 

Although the Alchemist figure is for my VSF/steampunk setting (he is the starter for my VSF Anarchists faction) I thought he would be a handy, if sinister figure out in the wastelands. He is here to gas your settlement and steal your loot/food/women.

I am of course still working on figures for Utopia City. First up is a very odd character. With crime so high every now and then some nutter takes the law into his own hands. Usually its someone who has been pushed too far. Introducing....


Maybe I should copy right that name? lol

The Purple Avenger flys high between the Utopia City blocks using a jet pack looking for crimes to avenge. He is often very poor at it and usually ends up the victim of crime too. 

Nothing is safe in Utopia and Corporation often try to screw each other. Here is a typical Corporate Spy. 

The figure is a Grenadier/EM4 Corporate spy. He bears a resemblance to a certain early 90's British Prime minister. So I decided to paint him in a similar fashion as the Spitting Image Puppet of that Politician. A lot of grey tones was used in the paint job. There was even grey in the skin tones. 

What does every city need? Non Coms. Meat bags and bullet magnets that get in the way. First up a news team...

Again the figures are by Grenadier/EM4. 

A couple of standers by...

This pair are clix figures. Who knows they could be PIs or a similar organisation. 

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