Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wasteland Wondering

Its been a busy few weeks for me. 

For the past few weeks my social life has been hectic and work has me chasing my own tail at times. Long hours and a long drive are not a good combination. Every time I wanted to do some hobby stuff I have been too tired or there not enough time. I even fancied doing some creative writing of a post apoc vein but even that got sidetracked by lack of time and energy. 

My Wife and I to see two fantastic live acts (live music is one of her passions) - the Eels and Cairo Emerald. If you like a spot of live music I recommend them both. 

Hobby wise very little has been happening. I joined a blog carnival called the Spruecutters union (well you know, you will have been reading my nonsense). Every week there is a hobby related subject each blogger writes about while promoting the other blogs. That is fun and makes me think about what I do and why. I have come to the conclusion I am quite mad!!

Model wise I have knocked together a couple of smaller bits for my sci fi urban table. I hope to get them finished soon however there is four half painted figures on the work table that have been there for a month now. Time and energy seem to be at a low. Its the old curse for our hobby isn't it? 

I made a start on a Tamiya 1/48 WW2 Crusader III tank. I got bored with the individual tracks and put it to one side. To fiddley for my tired eyes (what sadist thought it was a great idea to make tanks with individual track pieces?). That was two weeks ago. When I get to it I hope it to become a Post Apoc battle wagon for the Black Daggers. 

As Halloween is on the way I decided to put together the GW Garden of Morr kit. The kit went together nicely. I wouldn't mind more walls and railings from the set. When I get a minute I want to get it painted. I plan a Halloween game or three and this set would make a nice centre piece.

I have Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires in my mini collection. So I guess there will be some poor souls fighting them all off. Maybe I version of the film Dog soldiers with Mega City 1 Judges instead of British Soldiers? Any game ideas greatfully received. 

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  1. Busy Busy I know the feeling kids back to school and getting into the routine of getting up at 645 instead of 800. Aww well a bit at a time.

    You've got an extensive collection your could do some PA themed town fending off these creatures or a large group of drifters arrives at an unknown town that wasn't on the map before and proceed to investigate