Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Warlord Dan?? Which Figure?

For my new Wastelands setting I am looking for a Warlord mini. I have a large collection of figures and its seems daft not to re-use older figures (besides I am skint!). This figure will also be my Warlord's Challenge 2014 figure over at the Post Apoc Wargames Forum. 

Here is my choices for the Warlord Mad Dan of Fortress of Rust, The Mound, Republic of Dan, mattblackgod's world.

Which one to choose?? Whats your thoughts? 

L-R NY3K ganger, A mix & Match Wastelander I made and Jakar Nilson NY3k Legends (NY3K figures are available from East Riding Minis) 

1. The NY3k Ganger is intimidating looking. If I was to use him as a Warlord some crude tattoos will be added along with a nasty looking fire arm. 

2. The Mix & Match Wastelander (Sham) has a look about him. Nothing much needed for him. He has a certain air about him helped by the staff and cloak. This Wastelander is a mix of 40K & WHFB parts with a Westwind Bikers head. The staff is a converted spear and the shotgun is scratch built. The figure will need touching up as it appears the paint is chipped on the head.  One thing you may notice is this figure is a lefty - it was a mini me and I am left handed. It seemed the right thing to do (no pun intended ;-) )

3. The last one is Jakar Nilson figure. A nice mini with a double barrelled shotgun and a sinister looking helmet. He would make a good gang boss. But would he cut it as a Warlord?? 

Which one should I use for the part? Pick a number! 


  1. Number 3 as its a fresh start and who says you have to be big to be a mean SoB!

  2. 1 and 2 are more psycho sounding, which would be more fitting, the question is he a big brute like #1 in concept, if yest, then him, if he is a hard edged almost older looking man then the #2

  3. I like the second one. More of a grizzled old warlord, rather than the other two which look more like gangers or bruisers to me.