Sunday, 5 January 2014

What I got up to over the holidays - Terrain WIP

Welcome back to my humble blog, I hope you all had a Happy Christmas and your New Year is going splendidly. Despite all the rushing about, celebrating and other holiday activites, I did manage to grab some time in the man cave knocking up some terrain odds and ends. All this stuff is WIP and needs finishing. 

First up some Post Apocalyptic attempt at dry stone walling using rubble...

These are made from scraps of old cork flooring tile broken up and stacked. Maybe some other bits of detailing such as rebar needs adding? 

Random rubble pile for cover.
Well you got to give your little men a chance when the bad un's are using them as target practise! 

Again made from broken up scraps of cork flooring tiles. 

Another Rubble wall and a wood pile. 
Hey you got to stay warm at night. A good fire keeps the mutant beasties at bay too. 

The Rubble wall is bits of polystyrene packaging mounted on a old plastic gift card. The wood pile is scraps of balsa wood again mounted on a gift card. 

Rubble defensive position 
Every settlement needs a nearly safe place to shoot from when the raiders roll into town. 

Again this is made from broken up old cork flooring tile scraps glued to a old CD. 

Industrial plant/ruins
This was made for my Stalker games as part of a set some years ago. I never got to finishing it. So I have slapped on some base coats in the hope it will inspire me to finish it. It is constructed from drinks bottle tops and yakult yoghurt bottles mounted on a CD. 

Industrial plant/ruins 2. 

Another made for my Stalker Games but never finished. This one is a old water pistol tank, a yakult yoghurt bottle, some drinks bottle tops and some bits of toys from the bits box. Again it is mounted on a CD. 

Sci-Fi Desert Hab 1

For this model I was going for a ramshackle look so it would not look out of place on a frontier world. It may even do for post apocalyptic too. It was knocked up from an old food tub. The other details are container tops and pen tops. The old food tub was reenforced with PVA and newspaper in layers. It seems to work well. You can't see the windows but they have mesh grills. More/better pictures when I finish this. 

Sci-Fi Desert Hab 2 

This was made from a plastic bowl you can get for picnics. This bowl was sturdy so I didn't bother with the PVA glue - Newspaper reinforcement. The windows are washers and bits of drinking straw makes up the door frame. Plastic container tops, pen tops and bits from the bits box make up the detail on the roof. 

All these WIP items need washes, drybrushing and detailing to finish them off. Not pictured here is the two large buildings I am making for my Mega City setting, They will follow when more work gets done to them. 

All these models will be shown in greater detail when I get them finished. Keep watching! 

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