Sunday, 12 January 2014

This week's work and plans....

The votes for which figure to use as the Warlord for my new Wasteland setting are going to be counted and I hope to announce which figure I will use in a week or so. 

Hobby wise I havent gotten to start anything this week as real life has kept me a busy. New Job, New Year and some small home improvements. 

I did look more deeply at the Dreadball rules. They look good and once the mechanisms have been grasped they should give a good fun game. My good lady is looking forward to trying Dreadball. To keep her interested I am going to let her choose which team she likes, let her name them and decide what paint scheme for the team. I will them paint them up for her. 

Whilst taking stock of what was in the lead pile I discovered that I had more GW 40K Tallarns than I thought. It was one of those cheap Ebay finds years back and I was keeping them for a wasteland project. There is enough to make 2 x 6 man squads plus a leader or two. This is often enough for the skirmish size games I like to play. 

So I am going to use them as the Great Lakes infantry/army. Tunics will be sand or Khaki with various coloured trousers. Not sure what to do with the head dresses colour wise. I am thinking of white head dresses and metal armour. I am going with a Blue shoulder flash to add a bit of unity and mark them as a force. There is a couple of Meltagun figures in there so I going to weapon swap for Machine Guns or Grenade Launcher. There is a figure with a Plasma Pistol which I also don't like so a weapon swap is in order for him too. 

I am thinking of 40K IG plastics modified so I can squeeze another section in. Head dresses will be added. The mix of kit between them should make them suitably Post Apoc looking. Of course I can buy some more from Ebay or GW should I have the urge to grow this force. 

Also in the Lead Pile are some Lead Adventure Miniatures Street Judges. I think that make great looking Special Ops or Elite. As Great Lakes is partly descended from a Military Bunker I figure a Spec Ops unit will be part of the military line up. I cannot imagine the emerging city state not using dirty tricks to enforce its power. 

The WW2/Modern military and Gangers mix with basic weapons are still planned for militia units. But we will see how everything pans out. 


  1. looking forward to seeing these minis painted. They will look good on a fallout game

  2. Looking forward to seeing more! Did you see these?

    Pretty cool female soldiers with M-16s and some near conversion goodies.

    1. I spotted them. They would bet good additions.

  3. Sounds like a good plan.I wish my leadpile had gems in it like the street judges!

    1. I am lucky. I picked them up a while back and I never got around to painting them.