Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wasteland Wandering - More minis for the grinder

I have been busy getting some minis prepped ready for paint. You may have noticed the Dreadball figures in my previous Blog Post. There is more...

Back before Christmas I started work on Dr Steel's Steam Driven Combat Suit. It is now in undercoated along with a random Wastelander from the NY3K range supplied by East Riding Miniatures.

Dr Steel is to be an objective in a game. A kind of rescue the Mad Doc game.

Another thing I am working on is the army for Great Lakes. These are GW 40K Tallarn figures. I am tempted to write up some fluff to make them a Tribal group absorbed by Great Lakes who have been fashioned into a Military Unit.

All the eagles & skulls have been shaven off. That was no easy task and its a miracle that I still have all my fingers. Some Green Stuff paint was used to fill gaps and hide any rough spots. I don't care too much as these are intended to be a Post Apoc force. Rough & Ready is better.

I got these figures on Evilbay a few years ago. The problem is there was a couple of bits missing for the heavy weapon.

I used a pair of Ork drivers legs and pair of wheels from a 1/72 truck kit I had laying about. Yippeee Autocannon!!

Then there the Squad Leader with the Plasma pistol. I have never liked the look of 40K Plasma weapons. It had to go.

A resin pistol from Anvil Castings fixed him up.

Then there was the Melta Guns. They look okay but again I am not a fan of them in my games. Actually thinking about it they would probably make better looking Plasma weapons than the usual 40K offerings. As these a Post Apoc I wanted Squad level support weapons. With a little carving I came up with these....

They have a kind of Lewis Gun feel. The Magazine on top is made from some 1/35 land mines from a German WW2 accessories kit.

I like them anyway. Next up for this force - the undercoating.


  1. Great conversions. Loving the mauser conversion and the ammo mags for the meltagun's

  2. Cheers. I hope they will paint up well. :-)

  3. nice minis. the project seems to be going very well.