Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wasteland Wondering number...erm...whatever

Welcome once again to this week's Wasteland Wondering. It has been a fun week personally. I found a few interesting bits, came up with some ideas and got some figures painted... well nearly painted. 

During a quiet spell in work waiting for equipment to work I came up with the concept of a Campaign for a SOS Bunker (for those unfamiliar with Mattblackgod's world as SOS Bunker was packed with everything to recover an area after an apocalyptic event). Firstly it was the bunker hunters only but then such supplies and facilities would be interested. This drifted into all my communities. By the time I had finished I had over 50 gangs and armies to use! The idea twisted a little into a fight for the legendary tomb of the Matt Black God or possibly his banner. 

To play a league I would have needed to play 5 games a day for a year. The other way would be to play 5 grand slam games with 10 factions per game and  whittle it down that way. It would be total chaos. For now this will be a pipe dream. But it did give me some great terrain ideas. I am tempted to post a gang here every week. It would take a year and many of them where made before I started this blog. 

So on to the WIP minis.....

So this is this weeks WIPs...

My good Lady has been tasked with choosing a team color for her Dreadball team. She cant decide so I painted up some testers.

Hopefully we will have a winner soon. I made a start on the Dreadball Orx figures. 

These areonly paint scheme testers. I like the colors. They need highlighting, washes and detailing.

I have nearly finished this guy...

Meanwhile in Poundstretcher I found a cheap P51 Mustang clip together kit for £2.99. I had to pick it up. It isn't very good. Its only a close approximation to a P51. However I think it will make great terrain. I don't have many air wrecks in my wastelands. 



  1. very cool stuff...
    1) I'd say go with the blue yellow mix for the team color.
    2) where did that plane come from if cheap enough I may buy one, it would be great to beat up for terrain.
    3) did you see this? saw the feed and thought of you blog!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I like the blue & yellow, but it's not my choice but my wife's. Trying to get her into Dreadball.

      The kit was from Poundstretcher but I can't recall the brand. I will go routing in the recycling later.

      That truck is great. A future purchase me thinks. :-)

    2. The brand of the kit is Graphix and can also be found in Wilkisons and the Works.

  2. That the trouble with PA gaming its starts out with good intentions to use a certain theme. Then a bit from this movie and a bit from that book and all of a sudden you have Mad Max fighting alongside J.B Dicks in a sail boat with a mutant mariner!

    The plane will look great all rusted up it will be brilliant.

    1. I hope so. As its a old wreck I am thinking of a dirty look to the cockpit. Maybe put holes in it and add in red-brown splashes.

      Hey thats the madness I like with Post Apoc. ha ha