Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dungers & Mutant Plants

Curtis from Ramshackle was kind enough to send me some spare bits as he shut his workshop down for a move. In among the pile of goodies where some Dungers and mutant plants. 

I love the Nuclear Renaissance Dungers. The are very characterful and I have quite a collection of these beasties.  

I had two of the same figure so I had to add some horns from the bits box. 

I love the armored pack Dunger. 

A better look at this angry Critter's grid. 

Curtis also sent me a couple of mutant plants. As I have a alien/mutant jungle in my terrain collection these nasty little plants will add nicely. 

There is more goodies in the Ramshackle Plie, which will get posted up here when I get to them! Thank you Curtis for  your kind donations to my miniatures collection. 

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