Saturday, 29 March 2014

Trouble in Utopia City

Darkness falls upon Utopia City. Some where in the darkness manhole covers grind open. From the dark depths of the undercity a army of Mutants raid looking for citizens for dinner. Surveillance picks them moving through the streets. Quickly the Justice Dept dispatches the Magistrates and Enforcers to deal with the threat to the city's citizens. 

This was a quick on the spare of the moment game. As such I had no real time to draw up stat sheets for the forces in this game. There is only one rule set to accommodate this...Skank. 

Rules: Skank

Figure Ratings: 
Chief Mag: Hero
Mags: Elite
Enforcer Leader: Elite
Enforcers: Human
Citizens: Human
Mutants: Rabble
Big Mutie: Monster with Three Wounds & Attacks

The Mags & Enforcers deploy. 

The Mutants arrive out of  the darkness looking for citizens  to drag off for dinner. 

The Mags advance with the Enforcers take the flanks.

The mutants charge forwards trying to find easy pickings for dinner. 

The main force charges up the street with a Big Mutie for support. Mutants grab some citizens. The citizens of Utopia are tougher than that and fight back. 

The Mutants are not interested in the wares of the Rad Pizza fast food joint....but the young lady in the short skirt is another matter. 

A couple of mutants with guns take up sniper positions in the apartment block to cover the mutant's escape. 

The Enforcer leader opens fire with his LMG killing a couple of mutants. Ginny Greenhair fires back hitting the Enforcer leader. 

The Mutant's fire on the Mags mostly missing. One Mag takes a hit. The Mags return fire dropping a couple of Mutant Raiders.One of the citizens managers to finish the Mutant trying to capture her with a sword. The Mags will probably have something to say about that illegal weapon later......

Marcus, the owner of Marcus Weapons moves to roof to offer supporting fire. 

A couple of unfortunate citizens get dragged away. Will the Mags get to them in time?

Meanwhile old Mrs Kim holds her own against the Mutant attacking her. Mrs Kim's handbag proves an indomitable weapon.

Some mutants push along the other flank. Some Enforcers wait for them. 

The Mutants attack the Mags. The Mags quickly deal with the majority of mutants but the Big Mutie proves difficult. 

Some Enforcers move forward trying to get to the stricken citizens.

 The young lady with the sword runs to assist Mrs Kim. 

Ginny Greenhair takes cover behind the apartments and fires at the approaching Enforcers. 

Faced with the two attackers the Mutant gets angry. The Chief Mag and the Riot Foam Mag move up to support. 

Around the back of Marcus Guns & Ammo the Enforcers and Mutants clash. 

The Enforcers work together to try to bring the Big Mutie down.

The Big Mutie proves too strong and deals easily with the Mags leaving only one Mag standing. 

The mutant sniper kills an Enforcer. The Enforcer leader suppresses the mutant with the LMG while the other Enforcers enter the building.

 The sniper at the front of the apartment shoots an Enforcer. The Chief Mag gives covering fire as the Enforcers storm the front of the building. 

"Heat Seeker" the Chief Mag commands his Lawbringer Pistol. The bullet finds its way to the mutant hiding in the window killing him. Their high tech advanced weapons are one of the many reasons the  Mags are feared. 

The Enforcers find the snipers - both dead and alive. Meanwhile outside the Enforcer Leader kills Ginny Greenhair with a full auto burst from his LMG. 

The Enforcers finish off the remaining sniper. 

The Medi Mag is ordered to pull back from the Big Mutie. Mag skill and brute strength wont drop this monster. 

A group of Enforcers surround the  Big Mutie and spray it with bullets. Roaring in anger and pain the Big Mutie drops to the ground.

With the remaining mutant holding its own against a old lady with a handbag and a swords woman the Chief Mag steps in. The Lawbringer smacks down hard on the mutant's skull causing it to be stunned. The little old lady and woman see their chance and before the Chief Mag can stop them they finish the mutant off. 

Sadly the Mutants got away with two citizens but the bulk of the mutant threat had been stopped. Will the Mags go after the mutants into the dark undercity?? 

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