Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wild Galaxy - Not Red Dwarf Crew & Pirate

Growing up I was (and still am) a huge Red Dwarf fan. Some years ago I made a not Not Red Dwarf Crew for my Wastelands. With me looking into my Wild Galaxy setting in more depth I plan a few ship's crews. Naturally my Not Red Dwarf figures would be ideal for my sci fi setting. 

Those who follow my (demented) work may remember these guys....
Krissy, Rimmer and Lister. One day I may get around to adding dreadlocks made from putty for Lister. One day...

I eventually got a Kryten miniature...

This was a clix robot. It had a scary head so I swapped it with a old plastic Void Viridian head. It was shaved to add angles and remove hair detail.The screen that Kryten has built into his chest was made from a disc of putty. I pushed a bead into it to give the raised look in the center. A quick splash of paint and we have our Bog Bot! 

The whole crew so far. I need to find a suitable figure for Cat now. 

Wild Galaxy needs some bad guys too. Pirates are always a good addition. 

This guy is a old GW 40K Rogue Trader Pirate. He was sitting there unloved. To be honest I was tempted to paint him in Vault Dweller colors. 

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