Sunday, 30 March 2014

Utopia Magistrates Support Tank

Life in Utopia City can be tough. Some times even the toughest need a helping hand. That is when the Mags roll out the support tank. 

Armed with 6 heavy machine guns, 4 plasma cannons and a heavy battle laser this tank turn the tables on the biggest uprising. Even the thick walls of the blocks cannot provide protection from the battle laser. The grav drives makes the tank handy for excursions beyond the city walls. Some times a Wasteland Mutant Horde needs a good kicking to keep them in order.

This is a snap together Star Wars Droid model kit I got from Home & Bargain for the princely sum of £6. It didn't even need painting. I may at a future date remove the markings and add some Utopia City markings. I must mooch back to the store at some point and pick up another. 

Finally a thank you to The Mighty Flip who tipped me off about these kits sitting on the shelves! 


  1. Looks like it scales pretty well. Nice find and not a bad price!

  2. ooooo Awesome I may have to grab one of these for a 15mm Predator spacecraft

  3. Very nice, love the colors!