Sunday, 9 March 2014

Great Lakes - The To-Rags

Introducing:- The To-Rags

The To-Rags are a bunch of tribals found to the south of the Great Lakes Territory. They took a dislike to the encroachment of Great Lakes on their lands and declared war. In the early days the To-Rags tactics won a few victories. But Great Lakes better weapons and training soon had the To-Rags looking at defeat. 

Like all warrior tribes they prepared to sell their lives dearly. Great Lakes fought them into a corner and looked as if they where about to wipe out the tired defeated To-Rag warriors. However the Great Lakes command spared them in the hope to make peace. To the To-Rags to be spared was a dishonour and they now felt a debt of honour to Great Lakes and now live to die in service of the city state. Only then will the debt of honour be repaid. Great Lakes happily lets them do their dirty work and in return offers them basic semi automatic battle rifles, weapons, food, training and other kit. 

The To-Rags are GW 40K Tallarns with the Imperial Eagles shaven off. One Shoulder bears the Great Lakes flag while the other has Squad markings.

Orange Team. The Lewis style machine guns are modified Melta Guns with land mines from a 1/35 WW2 German accessory kit. The Sqaud leader had the dumb looking plasma pistol replaced with a Mauser looking pistol from Zinge Industries. 

Black Team. 

Red Team are the heavy weapons team and features a Auto Cannon. This was a E-Bay lot I got cheap years ago. The Wheels and gunners legs were missing. Some wheels from a 1/72 WW2 truck and Space Ork Driver legs fix this figure up. There is one To-Rag at the back with a funny looking (home made) shot gun.  His rifle was damaged and I used a part from a broken 1/35 machine gun to replace it. 

 To-Rag Chieftain and Great Lakes Officer.  The Chieftain leads his warriors into battle with vicious battle cries to encourage blood rage. The Great Lakes Officer was sent to ensure the To-Rags keep Great Lakes interests at heart. The Officer is Major Pain. He lost much of his body fighting mutant beasts invading a Trading Post. He was rebuilt and very little remains of the Robo Major. He is strong, bullet proof and mean as hell. The Major doesn't need a fire arm and he strikes fear into the To-Rags who regard him as a demi god. 

The Major is a repainted Clix figure. 

The good thing about this force is that GW still makes them (but for how long?) should I care to expand the force. I would like some of the Bazooka figures at least. Some other companies make Sci Fi Arabian style figures which may suit too. 

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Great stuff! Nice slipping in a Clix!

  2. Great job MBG they look great love the characters backgrounds as well.The major rocks can imagine him ripping muties apart with his bare hands!