Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wasteland Wondering!

Welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering. In this post I will touch on whats been going on here, what I have been doing hobby wise,  a bit of Sci Fi world/colony name chatter and the great 15mm vs 28mm Scale debate. 

It has been a few weeks since I got an blog update written. Real life has thrown me a few curve balls recently. Two punctures in my car in two days. A week after I got four new tyres fitted (the worn tyre couldn't have got a puncture could it?) the cars engine started vibrating badly and it entered limp mode. So a couple of days car hunting followed. I have a new ride that I am happy with for my limited budget but I am still sorting minor problems with it, like the broken stereo. If I listen to the rubbish on the Radio for much longer I am afraid I will become homicidal! 

Of course a road trip around North Wales was in order just to see what the car could do, so its not all bad. Sometimes you need a change. Then we had one of elderly cats to the vet with a bad eye. Lots of struggling to apply eye ointment. At least her age helped me in this respect. Had she been younger I would have been shredded. On top of this our hot water boiler sprung a leak yesterday.  

So why am telling you all this? In short hobby time has been available. Dealing with all the hassles has left me not wanting to paint much. I did manage to get the 40K Tallarns finished (pictures will follow in another post) and I made a start on some Ramshackle Nuclear Renaissance Dungers. I love the Dunger models. They are very characterful. Shame Ramshackle don't make them in 15mm (hint hint). 

The Dreadball Corporate team is still waiting for my wife to decide what colours she would like to see them painted in.  I also feel that I am suffering from terrain/model building withdrawal. Its strange how addictive it is. 

My city & scifi stuff is suffering from a lack of communications dishes so I knocked some up out of junk last night. 

Made from Kinder egg pods, push pins, corks and plastic milk bottle tops. Assorted junk from the bits boxes will adorn these at a later date. The one on the far left is intended to be a 15mm item.  I will try to make these all scale neutral as I can use them for 15mm too. 

There has been further thoughts on my Wild Galaxy Sci Fi setting with me thinking about creating a central frontier or colony world where my space ship crews can operate out of. It might be fun having the bases/towns on the world putting up fights against pirates or Corporation/Space Nation hostile (literally) take overs. 

One thing that strikes me with the sci fi genre is the use of mythological characters and places for world names. Makes sense as we have named a lot of the planets in our solar system that way. These are largely Roman or Greek. But if you are going to fill a galaxy then you will quickly run out of names. So the answer to use all mythologies as inspiration such as Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, North & South American. I have read some novels that use biblical names too. 

Other considerations would be worlds named after home countries and cities/towns on Earth (for instance there is a Birmingham & Liverpool in the UK, but also in the USA and possibly in other countries).  You can stretch this with Nu or Neo added as a prefix to the name. For those who like a bit of silliness you could go as adding a few Nu's to a name. Or a suffix such as Major, Minor. For those with mathematical leaning a suffix such as Squared or Cubed could be added. 

Another idea for world names could be famous historical figures or named after the explorer or founder.

My head over the last few weeks has been battling between 15mm and 28mm. I have lots of 28mm stuff but storage is a nightmare. 15mm is a answer to this but I do on occasion find the figures fiddley to game with. Vehicles battles are much better in 15mm but 28mm has such characterful figures. 15mm is much cheaper but I am heavily invested in 28mm. This has been the back and forth battles as I considered the scales. 

I have reached a compromise. I will keep 28mm for VSF & Post Apoc for now. 15mm will be my Sci Fi scale for now. 15mm will open up some new challenges and enable me to develop new skills. Or so I hope. Some time this year I need to donate a month or two just to 15mm painting and building. 

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Welcome back! Sucks when a car gives you trouble, almost as bad as a woman! Hehehehhe....serious glad things are back on track.

  2. Aww man sorry to hear of your woes with the car and the cat! Hope the cat is on the mend!