Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cult of the Mattblackgod!!!

The legend of the mattblackgod is not forgotten out in the Wastelands. Many still pray to the dead god of the world usually to bring them help. Some make pilgrimages to the remaining shrines that cover the world. Others claim that the god appears in dreams that leads them to wander the wasted world looking for answers. 

Then there is the Cult of the Mattblackgod!! 

The cult maintain that the Mattblackgod destroyed the world for the folly of his people. But the job isn't finished. So the cult aim to destroy ALL life upon the ruined world.  Only then will the Mattblackgod be at rest. Only then will the god be happy. 

They often wander into settlements and kill everything that lives. This Death cult is few in number but is another hazard of life in the Wastelands of Mattblackgod's world.

The cult set up small chapter houses around the world and recruit those will are happy to follow in its doctrines. A new comer will have to let the cult into its settlement and often will be required to kill his or her family.  If the recruit fails the initiation then they are executed in a slow and painful fashion. 

Once the initiation is passed the Rookie will travel to the secret location of the cult HQ to receive further training (& brain washing). 

Doomspeakers will go out from the chapter houses spreading the cult's poisonous message. This supplies the new recruits. However the cult are not just meat heads who like killing. Their leaders in the Chapter Houses are always on the look out for anything that can be use to create mass death and destruction. 

The figures are Warzone Dark Legion Ilian Templars that I have had laying about for about 9 years. I thought it was about time these guys got some paint. 

The Cult of The Mattblackgod......

...coming to a Wasteland near you...SOON!!!

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