Sunday, 27 April 2014

Great Lakes AFV

Great Lakes founders came from Military stock. They discovered a vehicle bunker and put the vehicles to good use serving the new Wasteland State. 

One example is the Lynx AFV. 

This fast vehicle can carry a 6 man squad while its machine gun and auto cannon are ideal for softening up Great Lake's enemies. 

The vehicle was a 1/35 WW2 German skdf222 I picked up on ebay cheap a couple of years back. This was converted (mudguards removed, new gun) to become a AFV for Aryanreiche. In typical me fashion I wiped the faction out a couple of months later by accidentally having a satellite drop a couple of nukes on it. Whoops! 

The vehicle sat there gathering dust until Great Lakes started to come together. A quick re work of the auto cannon and new flags and the city state now has something to perform fast strikes in the wastelands. 

Its a pity that the mountain passes are too narrow to get vehicles to the beleaguered Outpost 112. ;-)

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