Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stalker Heavy Weapon Squad.

Stalkers are the life line for many Wasteland communities. They creep around the abandoned ruins and tunnels looking for salvage to trade. In the more dangerous places Veteran Stalkers set up fortified camps so a Stalker can rest in relative safety. In the Republic of Dan the Warlord has set up many camps around the old industrial and military ruins to the North of the Mound for the same reason. Due to the dangers from Bandit raiders and Mutant monsters the Stalkers are equipped with heavy weapons that Stalkers would find a burden in their day to day actives. In addition to this they wear old military clothes and body armor the Warlord supplied from a old military underground Bunker the Warlord discovered when he first walked this wasteland.

These Stalkers started life as Combat Zone plastic troopers. They sat there in my collection unloved. I have often used them for Stalker conversion as the body armor is similar to the Stalker Suit worn by the Veteran Stalkers in the computer game. Many of the weapons are Combat Zone Heavy Weapons and Command arms. One or two have weapon conversions. The heads are from Anvil except for one which is Iron Pig with a putty hood. Some of the Combat Zone Gangers are undergoing similar conversions. 

A closer look at some of the Stalkers. All have Anvil heads. The one on the left has had its autopistol shaven off and a pistol from Zinge. A 1/35 WW2 German Rocket Grenade was also added. The center one has Combat Zone command arms and 1/35 WW2 German magazine pouches added. The guy on the right had its goofy looking assault rifle shaven off and a 1/35 30 cal machine gun put in its place. A 1/35 tool box was added as a ammo box. The shoulder pad is from the old Mongoose Judge Dredd plastic gangers set. 

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