Sunday, 13 April 2014

Deadzone terrain Vs Platformer terrain sets

I am a fan of these style of terrain sets. I got the Platformer and Hexagon sets when they turned up on the scene a few years ago. I intended a to make a few Necromundia style multi level terrain sets. Instead they bits found its way into various terrain builds. 

I like this stuff as it can be used for Post Apocaltpic, Megacity one or as constructs out across the frontier worlds in a Sci Fi setting. What is nice is there is no silly skulls, eagles or chaos symbol which adorn terrain made by another manufacturer. 

Mantic's Deadzone terrain takes this to a new level. It allows you to make buildings with door ways & windows as well as the typical scifi industrial platforms. Unlike the other sets Mantic's comes with barrels and boxes to use as objectives or cover. There is also lamps and other details. The terrain is made from thick plastic and should survive life on the gaming table. I was worried that the lack of instructions would create problems but the Deadzone stuff goes together intuitively. I have to admit that this terrain set is well designed.

On the left is a Deadzone building and on the right is one made from Hexagon Platformer. They wont fit together. Platformer panels are slightly smaller at 70mm square whilst Deadzone is at  74mm square. Still they don't look too bad side by side do they? 

The good news for those of us with platformer sets the sets match in height and look quite good together.

There is also good news for those who collect larger scales such as 35mm or 40mm. Deadzone terrain fits these scales nicely too. The figure in the above pictures is 45mm tall!

With Mantic bringing out there new terrain sets based on Deadzone I think I will be investing in more or this terrain. After seeing what can be made from pictures taken at this year's Salute I think I may be in danger of getting seriously addicted. ha ha   


  1. They go together nicely I shall have to look at these again later I'm interested in the mars attacks ones as well.

  2. This brings in a whole heap of interesting possibilities!